Hulu Guided Tours

Hulu Guided Tours (2008)

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Learn more about Hulu and its features with video walkthroughs that provide a general overview of Hulu and Hulu Plus. See how you can watch TV, movies, and more with Hulu and Hulu Plus on your computer or on the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, Xbox, PS3, Roku, Wii, Apple TV, and more.

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Season:EpisodeTitleRuntimeAir DateUser RatingPreview
-Hulu Japan Walkthrough01:2708/31/2011Full preview
-Hulu Customer Support: TV for the Vis...02:5506/06/2012Full preview
-Apple TV - Set up02:0705/01/2013Full preview
-PS 3 - Set up02:3805/01/2013Full preview
-Wii - Set up02:5405/01/2013Full preview
-Wii U - Set up02:2105/01/2013Full preview
-Xbox 360 - Set up02:1405/01/2013Full preview
-Android Phones- How to01:5011/01/2013Full preview
-Apple TV - How to02:1411/01/2013Full preview
-iPad - How to02:1811/01/2013Full preview
-IPhone/iPod Touch - How to02:0811/01/2013Full preview
-PS 3 - How to02:1211/01/2013Full preview
-Wii U - How to01:5311/01/2013Full preview
-Windows 8 - How to02:1611/01/2013Full preview
-Xbox 360 - How to02:1102/07/2014Full preview